HOW YOU DOIN? # Project Zanzibar

Welcome once again in the series of posts ” How You Doin”. Today We will revisit Our loyal and fantastic Aquarist and Scaper Jason.

Project Zanzibar was set up few months ago. He had the task of introducing Jason to planted tanks world. Jason was experience fish keeper with really good results, however plants where something new to Him.

Few info about tank.

Aquarium Name: Fluval Roma 240
Volume Approx: 240 Litres
Tank Size L X W X H: 120 X 40 X 55 cm
Lighting: LED lighting system with 14.5W LED light which encourages plant growth and enhances fish colour updated with an extra beam.
Heater: Fluval Heater & LCD Thermometer
Filter: Fluval 406 External Filter

  1. Day One

The photo above represents the tank on the first day of our joint adventure. Being honest, tank had several plants, but their condition did not allow them to grow further.

When choosing the decorations, we made the decisions:

  • ADA Amazonia
  • Wood
  • Dragon Stone
  • JBL Sand, River type

We have choose easy and slow growing plants:

  • Java Fern
  • Java Moss
  • Sagittaria subulata
  • Staurogyne repens
  • Mix of Crypts
  • Ludwigia Repens Red and Rubin

Our effect on day one very good.

2. Day 14 to 90….

During this period, we expected typical problems that affect new aquariums. Algae, some plants died off, but that was not all….

We had problems with temperature. First of all Fluval Heather broke and after that digital thermometer was badly off. We have experience several algae issues that where hard to address.

After that Our maintenance program was not good enough. Accumulation of dirt and dust cover slow growing plans limited light access.

In the end We had some misreading information’s about test results.

Tank was going nowhere….

3, Day 90+

After few visits and fixing majority of issues We have finally observe positive plant grow and very limited algae present.

4, Present day!!!

Finally proud of results. Five months of journey and dozens lessons learned…..

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