Nice and clear!!! Lily, Orchid and Peony pipes available for order!!!

After a few days break I finally managed to add some interesting products for Aquascapers to the store.

This time we will focus on filter accessories.

  1. Lily, Orchid or Peony pipes… What is it and what it is for?

These accessories were created to replace the plastic inlets and outlets of our popular external filters.

Their biggest advantage is the almost non-invasive and minimalism appearance. Thanks to these devices, we can almost completely reduced the presence of any pipes or cables inside of our aquarium.

2, What is a different between Lily,Orchid and Peony pipes?

At first glance, of course, they differ in appearance. Each of them has its own distinctive look.

The second most important feature is the flow of water that comes out of them.

  • Lily has an optimal water flow, which is not reduced in any way.
  • Orchid is designed to slow down the flow of water.
  • Peony for this slows down the water current so that it is good for Betta fish.

3, Are there any cons of these tubes?

Yes they have few important features that may cause some problems.

  • Very delicate construction. The tube is easy to damage.
  • A much more frequent need for cleaning.
  • Difficult to assemble in aquariums with a cover.
  • Price.

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