How to do water changes in Our fish tank. Common mistakes and errors.

As we explained why we are doing water changes, now is the time to explain how to do this correctly.

In my experience, most novice aquarists commit at least one of the few mistakes we will cover today.

At the beginning we will describe proper process of changing water in our aquarium.

1, Preparation

Before we start to exchange the water in the aquarium, we need to prepare the water that we pour into it. We pour the right amount of water into the container and leave it for 24 hours. After 24 hours, the chlorine in the water will evaporate.

We must remember that the water needs to acquire the correct temperature.

This step can be accelerated if we use tap water and add a suitable conditioner. We still must remember that the water should have a temperature no more or less than three degrees Celsius then water in Our fish tank.

2, Turn off all equipment.

Before starting all process, it is necessary to switch off all electrical gear so that they do not get damaged after lowering the water level.

Its vital that heather will be switch off first!!! It is most vulnerable equipment and extremely easy to get damaged!!!

3. Cleaning process.

The point at which the most aquarists make the mistake.

At the beginning, we only suck a small part of the water from the aquarium to have easy access to glass and other decors.

Then we’re starting to clean the aquarium.

  • We clean the glass walls and corners of the aquarium.
  • Decor.
  • We clean the substrate of the aquarium using a special vacuum cleaner.

When we finish all the work, we suck rest of the water we want to replace.

There is no point in changing the water in the aquarium, if after pouring in new water we will start to clean our aquarium.

4, Adding new water

After finishing all the work, we can pour new water into the aquarium. We do it very slowly so as not to disturb the soil too much or damage our plants or fish.

5, Turn on all equipment.

After replacing the water we can turn on the previously disabled devices.

Again, please remember about heather. A few hours without proper temperature can cause a shock to our fish, especially in winter time !!!

Common mistakes when replacing the water in the aquarium and how to avoid them.

1, Using water straight from the tap and at a bad temperature.

Key is preparation. Plan water exchange day before and never do it late at night.

2, Leaving the filter and heater on

Again. P R E P E R A R A T I O N !!! Avoid doing water changes when you tired. Then it is easier to make a mistake

3, Removing old water before finishing cleaning process.

Use common sense. You want to remove dirt out of your fish tank and not spread it around.

4, Poring water too fast.

Take it easy and do some break’s as You goes. Its not a race!!!

5, Forgetting to turn on equipment.

Do last check before light goes off. Try to schedule water change in a morning. It’s easier to fix and notice the mistakes You made during the water change.

6, Never do a water change when is Water Alert!!!

If water is unsafe to drink it is definitely unsafe for your fishes!!!

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