How to help fish in suffering? Humanitarian euthanasia of aquarium fish.

Despite of our greatest efforts, sometimes a time comes that we have to kill Our aquarium fish.

I know it’s heartbreaking. But sometimes it really is the only option.

So in what situations do we have to take such a dramatic steps.

  • When the fish has a serious and not curable disease.
  • When the fish, due to age is weak and loses control over his body.
  • When he suffers from wounds inflicted on them and the fish have no chance to heal them.

In what situations We should NOT euthanized Our fish?

  • When She is sick, but there are chances of healing.
  • When We end our adventure with aquatics and We stay with unwanted fish.
  • When We need to get rid of overly aggressive fish.
  • When some fish got bored and we want to replace it.

Remember !!! Fishes are live animals, not a toys. If We are not able to take care of their well-being, let’s try to get them into good hands. In Ireland, as in other countries, there are internet portals through which we can give fish for adoption. Another option is to contact the nearby fish shop and ask if there is an option to place the fish in their hands.

So what methods do we have at our disposal?

1. The Clove Oil bath

Will it kill your fish? Yes.

Is it humane? Yes.

Put five drops of clove oil in 20 ml of water and pour the mixture into a container with a fish.

After 10-15 minutes the fish is in a state of anesthesia. He does not feel pain and is unable to move normally.

We then add an additional 15 drops of clove oil to the fish container.

After 15 minutes the fish falls asleep forever.

Clover Oil works very officiant and is recommended by the American Veterinary Medical Association as a humane way to kill fish.

2. Decapitation

Will it kill your fish? Yes.

Is it humane? Yes.

Now, you are going to slice into your fish through.

This method is used by experienced aquarists and fishermen’s.

The idea is to pierce through the brain of your fish, which will kill it instantly.

It sounds quite brutal, but if carried out correctly, the fish will not feel any pain.

3. Hit your fish with a blunt object

Will it kill your fish? Yes.

Is it humane? Yes, but may be too brutal for some people.

Crush your fish’s head with a heavy object like stone or hammers. If the process is done correctly, it does not cause any pain for the fish.

Now, when we know how to properly and humanly kill fish, We will quote a few examples “HOW YOU SHOULD NOT KILL A FISH !!!”

1. Freezing fish or Ice baths

Will it kill your fish? Yes, but it may take long time before it happen

Is it humane? Absolutely NOT

Absolutely sadistic way to shorten the sufferings.

In fact, very often a fish placed in a freezer dies a lot longer than the one that was thrown into the garbage bin.

Unfortunately, for fish, this method is recommended by many inexperienced aquarists.

2. Removing the fish from the water and throwing it into the garbage

Will it kill your fish? Eventually Yes.

Is it humane? No.

Painful and very long-lasting death. Is followed by suffocation of the animal.

3. Using boiling water

Will it kill your fish? Yes.

Is it humane? No.

Another sadistic procedure. Although the fish die quickly,but with maximum pain injection.

4. Overdosing Co2

Will it kill your fish? Yes, but it may take few hours.

Is it humane? No.

A very long procedure to kill the fish. Depending on the container and the amount of gas, it can take up to several hours.

5. Flushing alive fish in a toilet.

Will it kill your fish? Maybe

Is it humane? No

A classic mistake made by many hobbyists. The fish will be fatigued for a long time before dying.

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