Project Kermit. How to keep tadpoles at Your home…

During one of my trips in nature, I came across a drying pond. In the middle of the pool there where a group of just hatched tadpoles.

As we had an extra tank at home, we decided to take some of them home and take them away from certain deaths.

The 30l plastic container has been designed so that it will have a lot of water and a piece of land above it.

Six tadpoles were placed in the tank and 2 in a tank seated in the garden.

The whole project was to check whether we would be able to develop all the frogs and check the differences between the frogs brought up and fed at home with those that were naturally kept in the garden.

Observing the frogs was very fascinating. Their evolution has gone very smoothly and not one frog has died.

The amphibians were fed with daphnia, artemia, blood worms and algae base fish food once a day.

The water was changed once every 3 days. As a new water we used water from the aquarium.

After 3 weeks, all 6 frogs living with the home tank evolved into the final posture of the frog. These amphibians kept in the garden have gone through a metamorphosis week later.

All 8 frogs were released into the wild.


Keeping tadpoles at home is a very interesting experiment, but you need to prepare yourself. Having a good container, treated water and good food is essential.

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