How you doin? # PROJECT Wicklow Valley

Welcome to the second post dedicated to the tanks we look after.

This time we’re going back to the Wicklow Valley Project.

A few words about the tank:

  • Juwel Rio 180 Litres
  • Lighting system 2x T5 with reflectors installed.
  • Heating 150W Juwel Heather
  • Filtration Fluval Hagen 406 Version.
  • Substrate: Potted Soil and 10kg of local gravel.
  • Decorations: Irish Quartz Rocks and Red Moore Wood
  • Pressurise CO2 system Professional Blue.

This project had several goals:

  • Adapt the older aquarium to a new role
  • Used garden soil as substrate
  • Keep it budget friendly
  • Experiment with CO2 system and test new fertilisers

Start was quied easy and for first 10 days all was looking very well

After few weeks the aquarium got out of control

In the tank appears all kinds of algae:

  • Black Beard Algae
  • Green spot algae
  • and I We had Algae Bloom

We had to use triple dose of liquid Co2 and few other medicines to bring tank into right shape. All processes of stabilisation took another 2 months.

Now tank looks absolutely great.

If you have any questions about that project or any other’s We did

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