How you doin? # Project Tortuga

Welcome to the new section of posts about projects in which we participate or the work we have done ourselves.

Today we will discuss the “Tortuga” project.

Tank was created in January 2019. It is a Juwel tank with small modifications.

  • Light T5 2 x 36 Watts with reflectors.
  • Filtration JBL 1502.
  • No Co2 system installed.
  • Maintenance program once a week 50% water change and once a month deeper cleaning of the system.

The first 2 months of this aquarium was boring and little work was done.

Plants slowly adapted to the submerged state.

In the third month, good growth of plants was noted and a larger number of fish was added. These include Neon Innes, Rummynose Tetras and several Ember Tetras. Red Cherry shrimps were also added.

In 4 months the aquarium had problems with algae. It was bloom algae issue.

From that moment the tank looks absolutely fantastic!!!

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