Project “Zanzibar”

Aquarium Name: Fluval Roma 240
Volume Approx: 240 Litres
Tank Size L X W X H: 120 X 40 X 55 cm
Lighting: LED lighting system.
Heater: Fluval Heater & LCD Thermometer
Filter: Fluval 406 External Filter

Day One

Update July 2019

Project “Zanzibar”

New month, new challenges!!!

This time we managed to work on a very interesting and ambitious project.

Our client had a very nice and well-cared-for aquarium, but despite strenuous efforts, he did not achieve good results in Nature Aquarium Style.

The Fluval Roma kit has undergone some minor improvements. The Fluval 306 filter has been replaced by the stronger brother 406, and the original LED lighting has been doubled up by adding an additional beam.

As decoration, we used the roots of Red Moore Wood and Dragon Stone. As a substrate, We used one ADA Amazonia 9l bag. To achieve Island style We add JBL Sansibar Sand.

As in most of beginners tanks, We have planted a mix of easy and low maintenance plants.

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