Let’s add some minerals!!!

Every aquarium hobbyist interested in planted tanks knows that the adding of good and balanced plant fertilizers is a MUST.

In today’s market, we can buy many different specifics. Unfortunately, their differentiation and number may cause dizziness and confusion.

That is why from today we have added 5 well-known brands that produce plant fertilizers.

Why did we choose these producers? While choosing, we used a few criteria.:

  • Quality of the products
  • Price
  • General accessibility
  • and our experience.

First one is well known Aqua Design Amano

Why is so good?

  • Fantastic results
  • High – end products used by professionals all around the World.
  • Good variety of products


  • Very high price
  • Hard to find in local shops
  • Small bottles. No options to buy bulk.

The second one is Easy Life

Why is so good?

  • Very good results. The products were tested and used by Aqua Remedy and Our customer
  • Very good relations, price/value.
  • The products are very easy to find in many popular pet shops all around the world.
  • Easy life range including every mineral element. Very helpful for advanced aquarists.
  • Wide range of sizes and from 250ml up to 5l bottles.

Anything wrong?

  • Nothing that We are aware

Third option: Seachem Product Range

Why We recommending that brand?

  • These same pros as Easy life
  • This company is more known in America. Ist used by many well know Aquarists.


  • Can be very difficult to find bulk products.
  • A bit more expensive than the competition.

Fourth ,but not the last: Vimi Range Products.

Why We recommend this brand?

  • Fantastic results. Used by Us in many successful setups.
  • Fantastic price. Cheapest from Our selection.
  • Wide range of products including single type minerals.
  • Very good selection of bulk bottles.


  • Very hard to find on the Irish market.

Last option. Well know Tropica and they All In One Range

Why We recommend this brand?

  • Very easy to use. One product that covers all basic needs.
  • Can be used to simply and more advance planted tanks.
  • Easy to find in most fish shops.
  • Well known brand supported by Top Class Scapers.

Any problems?

  • Price can be a problem.
  • Hard to find bulk products
  • Not for more in-depth use by advanced hobbyists.

Hope that article will help you to choose the right product for Your fish tank. If you have any questions, feel free to Contact Us at any time.

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