” THREE WORLD’S” VOL.2 Project “Hunan”

Welcome in part two “Three Worlds” Project.

Today I want to present the second tank, that will take Us to China.

Project “Hunan”. Hunan is a province of China that stands out with amazing wildlife and gorgeous mountain ranges.

Province Hunan was an inspiration for James Cameron to create Pandora World in a famous “Avatar” movie.

The tank itself is Aquael 30l Shrimp set Vol. 2.

I have used ADA Amazonia for better and long plant growth.

The landscape is built by using 15 kg of Dragon Stones.

Plant selection: Mix of different small Cryptocoryne and two cups of Staurogyne Repens. In fact, only In Vitro plants were used for this setup.

If you have any questions about setup of that tank feel free to contact Me Today

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