Used by Pro. Oase Bio Master and Bio Master Thermo.

If you are an avid viewer of the Youtube channels of Georg Farmer or Green Aqua, you could not avoid the fact that they are promoting a new line of Oase aquarium filters. Oase Bio Master 250/350/600 and there Thermo versions.

This is a very interesting solution for people who are not afraid to try something new and check out new technological solutions. These filters have an easy to clean pre-filter and a built-in heater (Thermo version). Both of those innovations are extremely helpful in reducing the number of equipment inside of Our tanks and maintaining of aquatic systems.

You can not ignore the fact that well-known aquarists have trusted this German company and entrusted it with their discipline regarding their beautiful reservoirs.

Some interesting information from the Oase website:

  • EasyClean pre-filter chamber for extremely simple filter cleaning and convenience
  • Available with or without integrated HeatUp adjustable heater: For undisturbed views of the underwater world without visible technology, optimal temperature level, more safety
  • Perfect water quality thanks to high filter volume consisting of Hel-X and filter foams
  • Optimal filtration: Fine 45 ppi pre-filter foam for optimal mechanical filtration of coarse debris and longer service life of the biological media

  • EasyClean pre-filter module: No need to remove the whole filter – the pre-filter module is simply taken out, rinsed out and reinserted
  • Large filter volume: The combination of mechanical and highly-effective biological filtration through Hel-X ensures healthy and clear aquarium water

  • Practical: Vent button for effective water intake – for fast and easy start-up when installing and after cleaning

  • Safe: Shut-off automation and safety locking mechanism prevents undesired water leaking, e.g. when removing the pre-filter module

  • Well-regulated: Flow control on the filter or via adapter set.

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