Hagen Fluval, Aqua Remedy favorites, available for order.

Maximum versatility and
premium performance

Aqua Remedy is happy to announce that from Today We can source Our best filtration systems in the best prices in Ireland!!!


Why We think they are the best?


Fluval external aquarium filter does not need your supervision, works very quietly and efficiently. Just like a well-set engine that releases delicate sounds from under the bonnet.

Each filter in the 06 series is equipped with all necessary accessories and other filter materials, so it is immediately ready to be installed at home.

The external filter makes keeping the aquarium simple and trouble-free. The most important advantages are: the system patented by Hagen with an Aqua Stop valve allowing simple disconnection of the hose, snap closure to facilitate cleaning thanks to the handle and several replaceable filter baskets, which are filled with filtration materials for mechanical, chemical and biological filtration.

In addition, the unique square shape of the Fluval filter will accommodate 35-50% more water than round filters of comparable size. Thanks to this, you can enjoy excellent water flow through a complicated cleaning process that maximizes the contact time with filters.


Filters can be ordered by using our little Facebook Shop or simply by contacting Us via Email

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