Choosing right filtration system for your fish tank

Finding the best filter for a new aquarium can be very difficult. Cheap and budget aquarium sets usually have very weak filtration systems that very often not doing there jobs.

Before you make the right choice, you have to ask yourself a few questions.

1. How big tank I have?

The first and most important question You should ask yourself. Buying too small filter is the most common mistake of many customers.

Example: Choosing filter for 150 litres tank.

Eheim 2211 Classic Series is created for tanks from 50 up to 150 litres of water. Although it is a good filter, We should not use it for tanks larger than 120 liters. 150 liters is the maximum capacity that is not achievable over a time. Filter contamination and engine wear do not allow the machine to achieve maximum results.

Better options for that tank will be Eheim Classic 2213 Series that is created for 80-250 litres tanks.

It is better to choose a filter with better filtering power then to count on the maximum achievements of smaller units.

2.  Internal or external filtration system.

Another important issue is the choice between internal and external filters. Both of these systems have their pros and cons.

  • Internal filters

+ Cheaper in price

+ All equipment located inside of fish tank. No worries of any external licks or additional space to locate canister.

+ Very easy to maintained and very often simply plug and work system.


– Taking extra space in a tank, not looking very natural.

–  Very messy maintenance. Removing the filter causes additional contamination and water jetting.

– Very little choice of filtration media You can use. As standard You have choice between different sponges and ceramic inserts.

  • External system

+ Very wide selections of equipment from many different manufactures.

+ Very good performance and efficiency

+  No additional space needed inside of tank

+  Great selection of filtration medias depend to what you need

+ Very clean maintenance. All dirt stay in external bucket.


–  Often higher price than internal filters

– Danger of flooding the house in the event of leakage or failure

– A more complicated structure, time-consuming assembly of the machine

Before you choose an internal or external filter better you contact with someone who has a lot of knowledge on this topic

3. Budget

In the life of every hobbyist, budget plays a very important role. Not everyone can afford  over 200 Euro for a new filter.

Fortunately, the competition on the market is quite large and sometimes you can find good offers.

Companies such as JBL, Tetra, Eheim, Azoo often introduce periodic discounts on their products. Sometimes equipment worth 250 Euro can get up to 40% cheaper.

Other interesting option are products from China, such as Chihiros. Unfortunately, it is often the case that cheap equipment are much less efficient than their European counterparts. Unfortunately, the failure rate of these devices is much greater and their repair is more difficult due to the lack of spare parts.

Before you choose an equipment CONTACT US for best price solutions!!!

4. Other factors when you choosing best filtration systems.

Of course, the three points above are only the most important factors that should be taken into account when choosing a new filter.

Many customers ask for energy consumption, filtration media used in the device as well as the availability and duration of equipment guarantees.

Before you choose any aquatic equipment ALWAYS ask for advice. Its cost nothing and you can save a lot time an money!!!

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